August 2008

Wood Toys and Baby Rooms: A Step Back in Time

by wooden on August 26, 2008

When centering the design of your baby’s room around a certain character or theme, it can quickly become outdated. However, by opting for a more traditional look you can create a baby room that will grow with your child. With classic fabrics, wall décor, wood toys and other traditional touches, you are sure to create […]

Does your son dream of being a gallant knight with a trusty stead and a sword by his side? Well, now you can make his “knight tales” come true. With creative wood toys, a few switcheroos of his room and a little elbow grease, you can give your child the adventure room of his dreams. […]

With all the wonderful qualities of wood products, many toy companies are cashing in on wood toys and “supersizing” them. Just the other day I was fumbling through the search engine, trying to find a wooden playhouse for my own children. I searched through sites of several home improvement stores and even a few toy […]