September 2008

With today’s toys following the trends of movies and cartoons, last month’s favorite toy can quickly make its way to the bottom of the toy box. It really makes you long for a simpler time when old trains and other wood toys were scattered across the floors, a time when the only sound effects you […]

While we all want to do our part in making our world a healthier place, going green is not always as easy as we would like. Numerous products are environmentally friendly but many of those aren’t as “friendly” to our budgets. The good news is little steps like opting for wood toys over plastic ones […]

Pipe cleaners ladybugs, popsicle stick houses and glittery paper bracelets – finding a do-together project that both you and your daughter can enjoy can be a daunting task. What is fun for you may not always be easy for her – and vice versa. Creating wood toys with your child is the perfect meet-in-the-middle project […]

Spending quality time with your son just got a little more entertaining. Creating wood toys is a perfect project for your child to tackle and one that you will equally enjoy. Don’t worry Moms, when I say, “create,” I do not mean running out to the tool shed and grabbing the hacksaw! Many online specialty […]