February 2011

When you first assign chores for kids, it will certainly be more work for you parents than if you were completing the tasks yourself. Having a 2 or 3 year old helping out with the laundry definitely has a tendency to slow you down! However assigning children household chores is one of the best ways […]

The fact that learning to cooperate is essential doesn’t mean that it’s easy. The mundane struggle to get your child to share a toy or put his coat on is part of his experimentation with what is and isn’t acceptable and his search for a balance between being a part of the group while still […]

Very often toys with buttons, levers, lights, music, etc are marketed as “developmental” because the toy has so many different functions. “What are the educational benefits of sounds, lights and music?” – curious parents would ask themselves while choosing new toy. And believe it or not, proper answer would be “NONE“. Unfortunately, music/lights toys often […]

The Power of Make-Believe Play

by Liliya on February 23, 2011

Would like your little one to become a great friend, to feel self-assured and safe, as well as have great results in school? It’s as easy as supporting her passion for make-believe. You can easily enable her acquire more out of her most loved forms of pretend play by reading on why pretend-play games are […]

Essential Art of Understanding Your Child

by Liliya on February 22, 2011

Being familiar with your child is one of the most critical things that you ought to know as being a parent. It is quite helpful in becoming successful in guiding and also nurturing your kid as they grow as well as mature. You’ll require to note that your youngster has an special personality characteristic that […]

Because your toddler’s verbal skills aren’t great yet, it can be hard to know what he’s thinking. But you can see glimmers of imagination in his imitation of the things he sees around him — a behavior that often emerges around the age of 18 to 20 months. Your toddler might copy the things you’re […]