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Make Your Childs Play Safe

by Liliya on March 4, 2011

Toys undoubtedly play a big part in a child’s life. Therefore, it makes sense to give the best toys to a child. However you don’t want to buy your child a toy that isn’t safe or that he isn’t going to play with. More important than that, you don’t want to buy a toy that […]

Essential Art of Understanding Your Child

by Liliya on February 22, 2011

Being familiar with your child is one of the most critical things that you ought to know as being a parent. It is quite helpful in becoming successful in guiding and also nurturing your kid as they grow as well as mature. You’ll require to note that your youngster has an special personality characteristic that […]

Because your toddler’s verbal skills aren’t great yet, it can be hard to know what he’s thinking. But you can see glimmers of imagination in his imitation of the things he sees around him — a behavior that often emerges around the age of 18 to 20 months. Your toddler might copy the things you’re […]

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What Do Toddlers Learn from Play?

by Liliya on February 17, 2011

Play is not merely a passing of time but plays a pivotal role in improving a child’s emotional and learning capability. Playing enables to widen a child’s capacity and maximize his potentiality. A few examples of toddler’s educational toys incorporate math basics, geography and variety of games that enhance the analytical skills, kids spelling and […]

Advantages of Wooden Educational Toys

by Liliya on February 16, 2011

It is widely stated by experts in the field of child development that play is a fundamental component of developing cognitive, social, language and motor skills. Children explore their environment, try out social roles as well as discover to express themselves via the games that they play. Wooden toys available for children are the safest […]

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