Good Manners In Children – How To Instill Them?

by Liliya on March 17, 2011

Children under the age of five are not able to grasp accurately the stuff that their parents utter. Lessons have to be converted to senses for them to be effective. Words alone cannot take you far. They try and reason according to things they see and never what they hear you say. Therefore displaying kindness to members of the family encourages them to do the same to others.

If a child sees you saying thank you every time something good is done to you or every time you receive something, they will end up adapting that trait of thankfulness. They will assist those in need.

As the child grows closer to school going age, he is more exposed and can therefore understand advanced words from the parents. It is easier to instill wisdom through word for word. It becomes easier to train them.

The child is still sensitive on moral issues though. The law of averages only dictates that one should not let his child enter those thin line circumstances where he has to go to the contrary of what he always learnt.

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