Make Your Childs Play Safe

by Liliya on March 4, 2011

Toys undoubtedly play a big part in a child’s life. Therefore, it makes sense to give the best toys to a child. However you don’t want to buy your child a toy that isn’t safe or that he isn’t going to play with. More important than that, you don’t want to buy a toy that is not safe and could be dangerous to your children’s health even threat their life.

Although KidKraft Kitchen is one of the safest toys, it’s your duty as a parent to instruct your child and make sure small play food and utensils will not be confused with the real things.

Here are some tips in regards to play food from well-known expert in safety area

If you have a play kitchen, be sure the play food is age-appropriate. Play food is often designed for children over age 3. It can look very realistic, and toddlers may try to eat some. Be sure you are giving your younger child play food that is large and can’t be accidentally swallowed. If you have a child older than 3 who sticks everything in his mouth, the food is enticing, or you worry about accidental ingestion, you may want to stick to the large play food for your older child as well.

Keep play in the play kitchen or play area. Be sure your child knows that the knives and forks in her play kitchen and the plastic pots, pans, and kettles on her play stove are pretend. Play kitchens are not recommended for children younger than 3. Real utensils and pots and pans should always be off-limits, because you don’t want your child to reach for your real ones and risk a burn or other injury one day.

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